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Fees (Intern/Dr. Jones)

girl in front of EEG
Initial assessment $130/$150
QEEG $700
Treatment session $90/$130
LORETA or Z-Score session $130/$150

Number of Sessions Required

Neurofeedback is a gradual process with long-term effects. Clients can expect to see improvement in 10 sessions although 20 or more sessions may be required to achieve a lasting effect. Some clients require training of multiple brain regions and processes, which requires a longer treatment regimen. Research indicates that treatment for attention disorders may require as many as 40 sessions or more. I have found that anxiety disorders respond more quickly. It appears that the brain is more easily calmed (such as with anxiety, emotional reactivity, PTSD, and obsessions) than activated (such as attention deficits and impulse control problems). Likewise, disorders that involve brain connectivity (such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders and mild traumatic brain injuries) tend to require more sessions. Initial research and clinician reports indicate that LORETA and Z-Score training requires fewer sessions than the more conventional QEEG-guided treatment.


Insurance is not accepted for services related to neurofeedback. Please note:

  • Misrepresenting services billed to insurance is fraud and may result in serious financial and legal consequences. Certain types of biofeedback are typically covered, such as for urinary tract problems. Some clinicians bill neurofeedback with a biofeedback code or as psychotherapy. Insurances companies consider this fraud unless the services have been specifically authorized. Government agencies that maintain diagnostic coding have clarified that the biofeedback code is not intended for neurofeedback. These agencies are currently considering the inclusion of a code for neurofeedback, but the process is ongoing.
  • There is confusion in the insurance industry about the coverage of biofeedback and neurofeedback. The representative on the phone may confirm coverage for “biofeedback,” when it is actually only covered under the medical portion (not mental health) for specific disorders. When the claim is processed, the procedure is typically denied. Furthermore, approved claims may be later reversed during an audit.
  • Likewise, EEGs and/or QEEGs may be covered when ordered by a physician. We can provide specifications needed for processing EEGs performed by other providers.
  • We have documentation of exclusions for neurofeedback from the following companies: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Megellan, Tricare, United.

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